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Casual Dining

Casual Dining

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Casa Viva Menu (children/niños 2-12)

Meals are served family style, not restaurant, meaning everyone gets the same menu, this is not a menu that you get to order from unless you order something specific for everyone in advance.

Espanol English
Desayuno Ligero Light Breakfast
cafe o tea coffee or tea

fruta fresh fruit

avena, hot cakes o huevos sin carne oatmeal, hot cakes or eggs (without meat))

$80 pesos (niños $50) $6 usd (children $4)

Desayuno Completo        Complete Breakfast
cafe, leche    coffee or tea

jugo de naranja fresco fresh squeezed orange jice

fruta y yogurt Fruit and Yogurt

huevos al gusto, jamón o tocino eggs any style with ham or bacon

$120 pesos (niños $90) $9 usd (children $7.50)

Comidas Lunch
platillos ligeros y antojitos mexicanos Light mal and Mexican treats

(mole de pollo,fajitas de pollo o carne, Mole with chicken, chicken or beef fajitas

chiles rellenos, enchiladas, cebiche, stuffed chillies, enchiladas, ceviche,

pescadillas,tacos,etc.) fish tacos or other light fish dish

$130 pesos (niños $100) $10 usd (children $7.50)


Cena Dinner
carne arrachera o pescados y mariscos grilled steak, fish, shrimp or lobster cooked

al gusto con arroz, verdura, frijoles y tortillas. to your specifications with rice, beans,

veggies and handmade tortillas.

$150 pesos (niños $120) $12 usd (children $9.50)

Bebidas Drinks
Cerveza  (Sol o XX) $20 pesos Beer (Sol or XX) $1.50 USD

Coco Frio $15 pesos Cold Fresh Coconut Water  $1.25 USD


Javorinka Restaurant

Javorinka Restaurant

Chef Johnson serves up fresh, gourmet dinners every night at Javorinka Restaurant.

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