Casa Viva Troncones Mexico

Completa Privacidad, Elegancia Simple



Airport: The closest airport is Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo (ZIH). Direct flights generally from LAX, Houston, Mexico City, Denver, Minneapolis, Atlanta and other locations during High Season. The airport is located about a 50-minute drive to Troncones Beach (faster than ever due to improvements to the highway and paving of the road in Troncones). See below for driving directions to Troncones and Casa Viva.

Taxi: The airport taxi service is a monopoly service so we are NOT allowed to come pick you up. You will need to get a cab or rent a car. Last time we checked, Taxi’s cost about $70-80 (US Dollars) for one-way fare to Troncones, more for a Suburban/Large Taxi. The airport has only ONE taxi service, the desk is to the right of the exit door. You may get pestered by the timeshare folks on your way out of immigration. They are nice folks but NOT with the taxi service. Taxi rates are published and available upon request from the taxi stand. Feel free to tip your driver if they do a good job. 10% of cost of taxi is fine.

Car Rental: You can rent a car, in advance for $40-50 per day (depending on car). Rates are lower if you book directly with the local office than online as the local office will need to charge you for insurances after you book online. Most major car rental agencies operate out of ZIH airport including Thrifty, Hertz, Budget and Payless. We have a contact with Payless and can help negotiate a better rate with them if you are interested. Please contact us by email for more information.

Driving Directions

From the airport: Take the road to Lazaro Cardenaz (from Zihuatanejo – towards Ixtapa, you will by-pass Ixtapa and three small pueblos, Salitera, Pantla and Buenavista. The road has been under construction and now you will bypass most of those towns. After Buenavista, you will see a road sign to Troncones, you will exit right and then follow road around to your left to cross the highway. You will double back on the old highway, pass a Pemex station and then see the road to the Troncones on your right. It should be well marked, have a bus stop and a nice "tope" (speed bump) as you enter. Follow that road for a few miles and it will end at the Pacific Ocean (T-in road). Make a right (towards Manzanillo Bay), drive a little over a mile and you get to Playa Viva. You will see entrance to Casa Viva on your left, just after Casa Riscal. Some of the houses you will pass as you get closer are Regalo del Mar, Casa Las Piedras, Casa Riscal and then Casa Viva. If you get to Casa Blanca or the Inn at Manzanillo Bay or Hacienda Edn, you've gone too far, turn around and go back.

From Lazaro Cardenas/Hwy from Morelia: Take coastal highway, 95, south towards Ixtapa. After you pass La Union, you will see the exit to Troncones on your right. Take the exit and then take the next right and follow that road to the end at the Pacific Ocean (T-in road). Make a right (towards Manzanillo Bay), drive about 1 mile. Follow directions above to Casa Viva..


Directions, Casa Viva Troncones
Directions, Casa Viva Troncones
Directions, Casa Viva Troncones
Directions, Casa Viva Troncones