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Are there any services included when renting Casa Viva?

When renting Casa Viva Troncones you get access to your room and the Common Area including the pool and Jacuzzi. If you rent ALL of Casa Viva, you have the entire place to yourselves, otherwise you potentially will be sharing with other guests. Additionally, you get the services of several staff including a cook, caretaker and housekeeping.

We provide all towels, sheets, linens, blankets, etc. No need to bring your own. In that sense, this is a full service private residence rental.

NO meals are included with your stay.

Do you offer meals?

Meal Plan is available à la carte from our cook, Elvira. Here is a link to pricing and menu options. This is a business managed by Elvira, please pay her upon check-out. Because they must go all the way to Zihuatanejo to shop for groceries, they like to know in advance how many meals to prepare. Please inform us a few days prior to arrival. Meals are served family style, not restaurant, so everyone at the table eats the same, with some variance and accommodation based on dietary concerns (also please inform in advance of allergies, preferences, etc.). Elvira has been training on how to cook vegetarian and vegan recently. She is a great cook and a wonderful person.

Is an ATM available in Troncones?

Yes. An ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) was recently added to Troncones so you can obtain some Mexican Pesos in cash if necessary while in Troncones. We do recommend stopping for cash at an ATM, either in Troncones, or at the airport.

Interested in eating out?

A list of local restaurants is available on site on site at Casa Viva, many of which will deliver locally cooked cuisine.

Can you cook? If so, where do you get groceries?

Troncones stores have limited groceries, staples and snack food. The best plan is to stop at La Comercial Mexicana (see Map of Zihuatanejo) in Zihautanejo, about a 40 min drive. That is the big shopping market (Walmart meets modern grocery store – they have most everything) where you can find anything from fresh groceries to that extra bathing suit you forgot. A Sam's Club also recently opened in Zihuatanejo right on the main highway through town. If you are more adventurous, our favorite place is the fresh market (Mercado) located in downtown Zihua, good for foodstuff as well as the best deal in local souvenirs.

Locally in Troncones there are several corner stores that carry the basics. Eggs, milk, cheese, cereal, some fruits and vegetables, water, beer and drinks as well as local junk food (chips, cookies, ice cream, etc.) are available at these stores. Staff can help you get some fresh fish, lobster and other seafood from the local fishermen if you want to grill it yourself at Casa Viva’s outdoor clay grill (estufa lorena). Again, we recommend you get Benito's help with the grill or pizza oven, they have years of expertise.

If taking a cab from Airport, the driver will know where the Commercial Mexicana is and will stop and wait for you while you shop. A nice tip of $100 pesos will be a good show.

Do you have Wi-Fi?

Yes, we do. As long as Telmex lines are up and working you have DSL speed Internet connection and wi-fi.

What about Washing Clothes?

If you need laundry service, staff can assist. We have a washing machine and dryer in the Casita Caracol. Most clothes will dry easily during the day on the clothesline in open air. If you place dirty clothes in the basket and ask the cleaning lady to wash clothes, she will definitely appreciate a good tip for this service.

What about Transportation to and from the Airport?

Taxis - One way from the airport is about $70-80 (depends on exchange rate), last time we checked. From the house to the airport is a little less expensive, about $50. The staff will arrange a cab for your return; you can pick up a cab at the airport upon arrival. The airport taxi is a monopoly and they do NOT allow us to pick up guests as they pay a hefty fee for their monopoly and protect it fiercely. Local taxi companies also frown on private residences offering rides to the airport for tourists as this cuts into their business. We do our best to maintain good local relations and support these local businesses.

What about Surfing?

Troncones has plenty of great surfing. We don't have boards you can use, but, we recommend that all surfing trips start with Anne Remmers and Michael Linn of ISAMEXICO. They can provide classes for beginners to tours for experts. Go to their website for more information. Another option is Alejandro with Costa Nativa EcoTours out of Troncones - see his website as well.

What should you bring?

Suggestions on Things to Bring with you from the US:

  • Casual Hot Weather Clothes - shorts/swimsuit and t-shirt for guys is enough, bathing suit and a sarong is enough for the gals, both bring flip flops, light shirt for the rare cool evening.
  • Favorite Books and Games
  • Plenty of Sun Screen and a Hat
  • Favorite Wine or Liquor (be sure to pack in checked baggage as TSA will confiscate)
  • A good book or two or your electronic reader (Kindle, iPad, etc.)
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Headlamp or other handy flashlight, CFE - Mexico's Power Company - is NOT reliable and lights can go out when you least expect it.

Why did you call it Casa Viva?

Casa Viva is named “The Living House” because of the nature in which it was built. As we worked on the plans for the project, the term “como una casa viva” (like a living home or house alive) kept being repeated as we discussed the buildings, materials, techniques, flow and energy of the space.

The private and common spaces were created with nature and life in mind. Most all wood used in Casa Viva is either precious woods reclaimed from the area, found on the beach as driftwood or in the local forests as fallen timber. Walls are made from Cob, a mix of sand, local clay and straw to create a strong, warm and natural enclosure. The roofs are made of palm leaves thatched together to make a natural sealant from the elements. Each Casita has its own garden and organic fruits and vegetables are grown in season. Casa Viva comes alive through this combination of natural materials, a sense of living in harmony with nature and a respect for nature, paying tribute to the natural surrounding, the ocean, the sand, the sun and the plants and animals that make this a beautiful place to visit

Do you have a pool and/or Jacuzzi?

Yes, both. Pool is chlorinated. Jacuzzi is heated.

How do you reach someone staying at Casa Viva?

You can call Casa Viva directly (BUT NOT FOR RESERVATIONS) at +52 755 553 2913.

Can you host weddings or wedding parties at Casa Viva?

Yes, both. We have hosted several weddings and wedding parties at Casa Viva. Please contact us for more details. See the photo page for a few photographs.



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