Casa Viva Troncones Mexico

Completa Privacidad, Elegancia Simple


Casa Viva Troncones Menu (children/niños 2-12)

The kitchen at Casa Viva is managed by Elvira. She's probably the best cook in Troncones and her Salsa Verde is famous all over Guerrero and Mexico (we exaggerate). It is easier if she cooks and buys the groceries as you will save money by NOT overbuying. She cooks breakfast, lunch and dinner. All meals are served family style (not restaurant) meaning everyone gets the same menu and eats from large dishes placed in center of the table. Below is a SAMPLE MENU. – his is not an exact menu but provides an example of what meals might include. The prices are managed by Elvira and you pay her for all meals. Please advise in advance if you would like meals, at least for the first few days, so they can do shopping in advanced and be ready for you. Please provide any dietary restrictions.

Prices vary according to exchange rate.


Desayuno Ligero

Café o te

Fruta fresca

Avena, panqueques o huevos (sin carne). 

$105 pesos (niños $80 pesos)

Desayuno Completo

Café o te

Jugo de naranja recién exprimido

Fruta y Yogurt

Huevos cualquier estilo con jamón o tocino

$160 pesos (niños $130 pesos)


Platillos ligeros y antojitos mexicanos (mole de pollo, fajitas de pollo o carne, chiles rellenos, enchiladas, cebiche, tacos de pescado u otros platos con pescado.)

$180 pesos (niños $130)


Carne a la parrilla o pescados y mariscos al gusto con arroz, verdura, frijoles y tortillas.

$210 pesos (niños $160 pesos). Langosta $400 pesos


Cerveza (Sol o XX) $25 pesos

Coco Frio $20 pesos


Light Breakfast

coffee or tea

fresh fruit

oatmeal, hot cakes or eggs (without meat)

$6 USD (children $4.50)

Complete Breakfast

coffee or tea

fresh squeezed orange jice

Fruit and Yogurt

eggs any style with ham or bacon

$9 USD (children $7.50)


Light mal and Mexican treats

Mole with chicken, chicken or beef fajitas chiles rellenos, enchiladas, ceviche, fish tacos or other light fish dish

$10 USD (children $7.50)


grilled steak, fish, shrimp or lobster cooked to your specifications with rice, beans, veggies and handmade tortillas.

$12 USD (children $9.50)

Lobster $25


Beer (Sol or XX) $1.50 USD

Cold Fresh Coconut Water $1.25 USD

Elvira – Cook and Manager at Casa Viva

Menu, Casa Viva Troncones

Elvira. She is the heart and soul of Casa Viva. Not just because she is the cook and through her delicious food, reaches the stomach's and thus the heart and soul of all our guests. She is the core of Casa Viva because her big heart and lovely soul are reflected in all that is Casa Viva.

Elvira was born in a small village called Potrerios outside of the town of Petatlan (population of about 18,000) but when she was less than a year old her family moved to the village of Troncones. She only attended primary school (through 6th grade), the extent of her formal education. Elivra is the second in a family of 10 children, 5 boys and 5 girls. Most of her siblings now live in the United States and while they all left with plans to help out the family back in Mexico, Elvira sadly reports that they now don't help out much at all (she heard from them most recently when her mom passed away 2 years ago). Her father is still alive and is a cattle rancher and owns some property around Troncones.

At age 11, she was already working in restaurants and in private homes around Troncones doing any work she could find from washing clothes and house cleaning to eventual restaurant work as a waitress and cook's assistant. At age 16 she married and moved with her husband to Petatlan. In Petatlan, she worked as a waitress and cook's assistant. They had three children but were separated and divorced within 6 years and Elvira moved back to Troncones.

She lost one child to cancer but still has two wonderful boys at home, Uriel and Jonathan, 17 and 14 respectively as of 2016). When asked what she enjoys doing with her boys, Elvira says, "I like just hanging out and playing with my kids, sometimes I put them to work around the house helping me fix up the place, other times we sit together and they tell me about their girlfriends and I give them advice." When pushed to share some of her advice about girls she adds, "Well, I tell them not to get married to young, to get a job so they have money to buy their girlfriend a little something even if it is only a soda or something to eat when they go out, but to have their own money; and I tell them to treat their girls nicely, be respectful, don't talk bad about their girlfriends around town."

Elvira is a great mom, she's the best cook and we are lucky to have her as the heart and soul of Casa Viva. Her smile melts all guests and her salsa verde "no tiene madre" (her green sauce is the very best ANYWHERE).

Elvira has been with Casa Viva for 11 years as of May of 2016. Please feel free to share your comments about your experience at Casa Viva with Elvira.